Welcome To The Vitality Kitchen

Hi, my name is Bianca! I am a professionally trained chef, certified holistic nutritionist and essential oil educator. I love to empower people to rise to their healthiest and highest selves, through the best essential oils and deliciously healthy whole food.

Why Food?

I believe that one can transform everything in their lives by starting with what they put in their mouth; and through effervescent cooking classes and Private Chef Services I help people unlock ultimate vitality. I utilize the best essential oils in most of my recipes too!

Why Oils?

I started using essential oils as a way to to make my home smell good without the use of chemicals often found in candles and air fresheners, which kickstarted my adventurous discovery into the best essential oils.  Certified, pure, unadulterated and sensibly sourced reinforces that these really are the best essential oils and they have changed my life. I use them in cooking, in my home and as a part of my wellness routine- these AMAZING essential oils are life changing.

Want to experience the healing powers of Essential Oils? Email me at biancaosbourne@gmail.com